It’s a pleasure for us to welcome you to the Fundación Liceo Inglés Model of United Nations. We introduce ourselves, our names are Juanita Ramírez and Luisa Gómez and we will be presidents in charge of this committee. The subjects to be discussed will be: 

- Families in Yemen.

- Rohingya refugees.


As presidents, we expect nothing but the best from you. You will need thorough preparation and deep understanding of the subjects.

To achieve that, you will study the guide provided, we will be here to help you during the entire process in case you have any questions or doubts. We hope all delegates are well prepared and actively participating in the debate to find the solution to these problematics. We also wish you enjoy this experience as much as we do, the best of luck. 

For further contact you can reach us at our emails.

Luisa Gomez
Juanita Ramirez