The Security Council is the one in charge of maintaining international peace and security. It is a committee counting on 15 members, of which five are permanent and ten temporary. This is one of the only committees of the United Nations in which radical decisions can be taken. 


The United Nations Refugee Agency is an international organization dedicated to saving lives and fighting for the rights of refugees, displaced communities, or stateless people, who are forcibly removed from their lands do to conflicts and wars, among others. 


The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is the organism dedicated to fight against illegal drugs, international crime, and armed groups. It implements different strategies in order to fight crime from its headquarters and all around the International Community. 


The UN Women committee, is an organism dedicated to protecting the rights of women across the International Community, and fighting for gender equality between both genders. Some of the main goals of this organism is empowering women in terms of politics, economics, violence, and peace and security.


Heads of State Council is a committee in which delegates will represent different Heads of State (Presidents) of the International Community, discussing several international issues from a governmental point of view, keeping in mind always the position in which their governments stand.