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Delegates, as president of this committee I am delighted to have you and hope that your time with us will be productive and enlightening, where you can be free to develop both social and academic skills that will help you in many aspects around you life, including studies and future projects. During this occasion I feel very excited to be part of FLIMUN VII and to be able to join you in such a substantial committee as is the Security Council, which has very high expectations because of the complex international problems that are treated during the days of debate, but I 'm sure that both Juan Camilo and I will be astonished by the talent each one of you possesses. Adding up everything mentioned before, it is essential to remind you the importance of investigating, reading and questioning the different information you get in order to make the best representation of your country that you possibly can. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any concerns about how your research is progressing or just to clarify any questions you may have.




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