Luciana Wolff
Simon Velez

Greetings delegates,

As chairs of the World Health Organization committee for the 2022 FLIMUN edition.

It is our pleasure to be the guide of this committee. First we wanted to tell you that a UN model mora than a debate is an experience and a life learning lesson in which you develop various abilities that will be useful for someone’s life. To be honest with you, this is our first time as president, and as well as most of you we are nervous too, but we have the certainty that we will successfully conduct this committee. We wish you the best desires and hope that you understand and gain a passion for the UN models. Finally, we just want to say that you can count on us for anything you need and more than being presidents and delegates we hope we could learn from each other and become better people for the future. Our future.


Simon Velez Cano & Luciana Wolff